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At Downs Property Care, we specialise in the removal of defective cavity wall insulation and undertake associated remedial repairs for damp and property maintenance. We undertake all forms of insulation works from Cavity Wall insulation, Loft insulation and remedial insulation works. We are a registered wall tie installer offering insurance backed guarantees with the Wall Tie Installers Federation. We have over 18 years of experience in the field. We also undertake thorough damp inspections which are undertaken by our technical director who is based in Hailsham, East Sussex.

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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

The structural integrity of many buildings is partially dependent on the use of cavity wall ties in the construction. Over time, however, the process of corrosion of the mild steel cavity wall ties causes them to expand, with the metallic oxide occupying a greater volume than the pure metal. This expansion has the effect of forcing apart the bricks above and below the bed joints in which the ties are laid. This produces a pattern of horizontal cracks coinciding with the tie positions approximately every six courses. The corrosion of the cavity wall ties or the lack of sufficient ties used in the original construction means that many properties require either further replacement wall ties to be inserted or a complete cavity wall tie replacement to be carried out, if left untreated this will lead to water ingress and damp. We operate out of Hailsham East Sussex, get in contact with the office for your free survey

Damp Investigation and Treatments

Damp can be anything from water ingress (from an external source, most normally a building defect or maintenance issue) to moisture (that is being produced within the property, condensing onto cold surfaces). No two jobs are the same; each case is investigated on its own merits.

It is extremely rare for a D.P.C. to fail so don't be fooled into believing that you need a new D.P.C. 

For more information please feel free to get in contact.

Loft and Floor Insulation

As time has moved on, so has the level of surveying for cavity wall insulation. Prior to todays high standards of surveying, many properties have been insulated, that may already have had building defects. In some cases these defects are brought to light at some point after they have been insulated.

For example some properties have been found to have large mortar build up within the cavity that has bridged the D.P.C. 

This is an example of a building defect.  A property like this should have never been insulated without the rubble/mortar being removed first.

With todays surveyors, an issue like this should be picked up at survey and the customer made aware of any necessary remedial works prior to installation.

Thermal images

Often used to pick up defects in the buildings fabric, this tool is exceptional at diagnosing heat loss areas often found in property's.

Please refer to our gallery for some exceptional results.

Brickwork and Render Repairs

There are many potential  causes for cracking to a property: lintel failure, rotational movement, wall tie failure and load distribution. These are just some examples of possible causes.

A full investigation can be undertaken to potentially diagnose any defects and necessary repairs, in some cases a structural engineer may be required to access the property.

External Wall Insulation

If you live in a home with solid walls, 45% of your heat is escaping through the walls which is costing you money. Insulating the walls will dramatically prevent heat loss in the winter.

Timber Treatments

Timber decay and woodworm can affect buildings of all ages. If you find that timbers in your property have come under attack from fungal decay or woodworm, then it may be the case that some form of timber treatment is required to ensure the life expectancy of the timber

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